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Automate routine customer service inquiries and provide self-service options with first-contact resolution. Monitor customer satisfaction with real-time, actionable survey metrics. Enable customer conversations via any channel. That's GOCare.

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Is your IVR undermining your customer experience efforts?

With GOCare, customers enjoy self-help functions that allow high-volume, low-value calls to be re-directed. Without replacing your IVR, you can use GOCare to provide customers an option to waiting on hold while achieving a 30 to 50% reduction in calls!

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Intelligent Subscriber Management Platform

Two-way interactive messaging

With GOCare Messenger, you can provide your customers the mobile experience they want: the ability to interact with you how and when they choose - using the text feature on their mobile device. Additionally, GOCare Messenger's mobile payments capability makes it so easy for customers to pay, they send payments 50% faster.

Timely, accurate and actionable information

With GOCare Pulse, you can instantly gather customer feedback, based on time or event, customized to your business rules. Asking the right questions at the right time, over the channel your subscribers prefer, is proven to generate a much higher response rate. More data means more accurate results.

Automated research, analysis and notifications

GOCare Insight provides an accurate view of customer experience and systems performance, allowing you to proactively notify customers about outages and other negative events affecting their account - reducing high friction support interactions. Insight helps identify customer red flags before they lead to churn.

"GOCare has delivered unmatched operational gains through the reduction in call volume, truck rolls, and collections costs"

- Rick Oldenburg, System Manager, Anne Arundel Broadband

"In addition to the proactive notifications our subscribers receive, GOCare enables mobile subscriber inquiries on billing, payments, appointments, WiFi hotspots and more."

- Tom Williams, VP-Engineering and Technology, Schurz Communications

"Vast Broadband has made substantial use of GOCare’s capabilities...the flexibility to customize GOCare to Vast’s needs has been the real differentiator."

- Larry Eby, Vast Broadband

Now, you can consolidate all call center systems and communication channels into a single, easy-to-use platform

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